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Air Hi 5!

2009-02-22 08:34:02 by Bounceboy

I give out a free air hi 5 but only if you reply "hi 5"


2009-01-31 22:31:05 by Bounceboy

What's CheesySpace? Why's a whole post based on it and nothing else?

well, i'm going to make this as clear as possible:

CheesySpace is a chatroom i created!

I Might put it on newgrounds!


2009-01-29 07:26:47 by Bounceboy

If anybody wants to suggest an idea please don't hesitate.
anyways sorry Phodoshop i haven't worked much on Fly to the moon but it will be finished one day!!!

fly to the moon: cool music clip!!!
crime never stays: a robber, no 2 robbers! fighting! and the hostages... uh... they're sorta joining in!
more to come

Coming soon...

2009-01-21 22:32:38 by Bounceboy

Coming soon:
anyway here's a list:

Frosty Freezer: a fun frenzy freezer of snowy sneezy superness! 0% sucky!!!
Crime never stays: 2 rival criminals fighting and bouncy becomes a hostage! 11% Coolish!
Fly to the moon: One of phodoshop's songs which the name explains all. ?%
Bouncy adventure 2/ another name: cool a sequel possibly... 0% sucky!

thats all there is at the moment. busy aren't I?


2009-01-20 18:04:57 by Bounceboy

When i upload something i get response back in just hours! this is amazing!
Also i got a few emails which made me really feel welcome to newgrounds.
I am going to work harder with all of my flash movies and get them done!

Coming soon:
-Crime never stays: a probably short movie where bouncy and holah get involved in a crimey fight.
-Frosty Freezer: when Ju leaves the fridge open what does he come back to a day later...snow or ice

A new movie to start 2009?

2009-01-16 19:16:15 by Bounceboy

sheesh even disney is making more movies than me!
i have been too busy on holidays and making games.
but soon enough will come a movie not just a minute long.
soon will come something at least 5 minutes!
and a new series i will start with a friend.
i might make my own series too!
anyway don't think i'm done with movies!