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Meh new start

2009-08-02 07:47:37 by Bounceboy

Hi everybody, once i actually turn 13 (2 months) i will make a new account that is "legal."

there i will put all my good stuff.

so yeah... 10/10 is B'day


2009-05-15 21:01:33 by Bounceboy

Oh noes! Pinetrix Isn't out yet? Sorry but I am working on games as always as well as adding some features to my WEBSITE such as a guestbook/shoutbox/thing.

Pinetrix I am hoping to be really long, I think the song or songs I used for it go to about 5 or 10 minutes.

so yeah, It'll take a while to load, hope you'll like the Preloader!!!

Anyway other stuff that is coming soon is:

Jujuville - Ju must run. jump and think his way to victory by getting through a adventure with UNLOCKABLE CHARACTERS, UPGRADES (MAYBE) and A WHOLE ADVENTURE YOU CAN SAVE ON YOUR WAY!


2009-05-03 22:36:15 by Bounceboy

Sorry but I haven't really been working on Pinetrix, I guess its because of all the collabs I am making.

I have made a game recently, but it kinda sucks so I would only play it if i'm bored. plus there's a glitch.

on the bright side I've figured stuff out with Chlonga.

Anywayz the things you should be looking out for are:

Some movies (maybe not look out for them yet)

A fighting game (sorta started)

A chatroom that probably won't work right at newgrounds

Chdonga randomly sent me a mean PM and blocked me. any reason why?

anyway good news is that i worked on pinetrix a tiny bit today :/

well i will try to work on the movie, but my head has too many ideas and I have the ideas but not the skill. thats what sucks. I really need to improve if i want newground's attention, huh?

Oh well. I finished some more games and stuff and I'll put them on laterz.

There is pine! thats the pineapple guy. thats right, he's named OMG!

Coming soon:

Pinetrix: pine stops the evil ninjas attacking his town (you never find out where)! still around 10%
MyQuest: Pine muse go on quests.... everyday quests like getting chocolate for people. 60%
JuJuville: I can't really work on this. it will be similar to nevermore 3. meh%
Ju Jump: nobody even knows about this game. but hi.

Pyramid Puzzle

2009-04-07 06:42:58 by Bounceboy

Yay! This sounds like fun, this new game! at the moment all I want is feedback, and once it has enough perfection i shall put it on my website!

Coming soon...
CLASSIFIED | Unknown %
PINEAPPLE | only the first bit
pineapple rush | 90% add music!!!
Pinetrix | 10% or maybe more

why heaps of pineapples? well its my new character guy. I also have made a dragon but I think he will only be in movies and a few games. Who knows, I make more games than movies!

Pyramid Puzzle

Nobody in the house but China

2009-04-01 08:47:46 by Bounceboy

If i write new-grounds then it will say China! why?

and gam-es is physical excersices, movi-es is mental excersises and fla-sh is bicycle!

what the heck?

I had no trouble choosing what emotion I had though...

anyway Hello any chinese NG fans!

Oh F...ridge...

2009-03-28 10:50:03 by Bounceboy

I have been making games that run by several swfs! plus i haven't been making any movies!

HOW DO I STILL PUT MY STUFF ON NG IF I CAN ONLY UPLOAD ONE FILE WHILE THERE IS ABOUT 10? or make that 6 if you want... i don't care.... HOW DO U DO IT?

anyway that sucks and that was the bad news.

the good news is i can still put it on my website!

By the way my favourite thing today is TT: 011 Runner II

Random Picture

2009-03-10 05:25:23 by Bounceboy

heres some random pic i hope will inspire you!

I am going to use this guy in possibly one of my games or movies. i am also going to let sombebody else use this guy but with a different name. I don't know what to name him!!!

lemme guess you think: oh that guy sucks! what the crap?

well i was gonna give him hair but i was in the middle of other things too.

Random Picture

Thank You Thank You!

2009-03-03 07:50:45 by Bounceboy

Wow! This is great! I am already getting people saying hi and welcoming me to newgrounds. well, most of you. some people just don't know what the word "newbie" means! Is everybody always so critisisive and NEVER THE GOOD SIDE? hm at least people care -_-.

Anyways thank you everybody who has been nice, meaning not the spammers from my previous posts!!!