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My first enemy I don't know how I made

2009-04-24 07:02:35 by Bounceboy

Chdonga randomly sent me a mean PM and blocked me. any reason why?

anyway good news is that i worked on pinetrix a tiny bit today :/

well i will try to work on the movie, but my head has too many ideas and I have the ideas but not the skill. thats what sucks. I really need to improve if i want newground's attention, huh?

Oh well. I finished some more games and stuff and I'll put them on laterz.


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2009-04-24 07:10:48

Chdonga was attacked by a pineapple and viciously raped as a child. You brought this on yourself, everyone knows about it.

(Updated ) Bounceboy responds:

lol wtf

he was saying "sorry i hurt your feelings"


2009-04-28 05:44:36

CHDONGA GOT RAPED IN KINDERGARTEN like groundpwndr sayd but not by a pine was me dressed as a pineapple...i can't wait 4 pinetrix 2 cum out...
*giggle*.........cum lol

Bounceboy responds:

lol wtf x2


2009-04-29 06:27:27

I would like to know, chdonga, why you did do that...

and i'd like u to without being so mean