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Pyramid Puzzle

2009-04-07 06:42:58 by Bounceboy

Yay! This sounds like fun, this new game! at the moment all I want is feedback, and once it has enough perfection i shall put it on my website!

Coming soon...
CLASSIFIED | Unknown %
PINEAPPLE | only the first bit
pineapple rush | 90% add music!!!
Pinetrix | 10% or maybe more

why heaps of pineapples? well its my new character guy. I also have made a dragon but I think he will only be in movies and a few games. Who knows, I make more games than movies!

Pyramid Puzzle


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2009-04-11 03:26:55



2009-04-19 03:00:18

PM me as soon as it comes, i want to play it...