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2009-03-10 05:25:23 by Bounceboy

heres some random pic i hope will inspire you!

I am going to use this guy in possibly one of my games or movies. i am also going to let sombebody else use this guy but with a different name. I don't know what to name him!!!

lemme guess you think: oh that guy sucks! what the crap?

well i was gonna give him hair but i was in the middle of other things too.

Random Picture


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2009-03-10 05:26:10

I can comment on myself! I dare you to now! c'mon, all the cool NG accounts are doing it!


2009-03-13 17:25:32

Thats great!
He looks funny!

Bounceboy responds:

thank you!!!

i am glad he looks funny because he has a sort of clumsy and wacky personality.

also I hope you can imagine him having hair because he is a bit too bald!


2009-03-20 05:12:14

check my account for an outdated picture and tell me what you think

Bounceboy responds:

i did


2009-03-22 15:45:48

Finaly a humanoid character from you! ;) HE'S GOT LEGS!! :D

(Updated ) Bounceboy responds:

fjlasdkakdfldflk what about Ju though?

i know frosty freezer (his first flash movie) was an epic fail but what about the game Ju dodge?

don't worry i have some real good games coming... not all containing Ju...